American Health and Beauty TV Episode 4…. several TV reports and even Doctor Oz have commented recently that studies show that people who have liposuction often get the fat back. Dr. Thomas Barnes, a Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon describes how and why that fat might come back and where it will go if it does.

I watched a diet channel where the person lost 120lbs, had a tummy tuck and a little lipo and several years later gained some weight back. The weight does not come back normally at least not for her.

Where her scars were, stayed thin. The fat bulged around the area and it looked really misshapen and weird. Moral of that story: don’t waste your money, just lose weight properly.

I ve noticed after my liposuction the fat goes to my hips a little of my stomach but it’s definitely tighter and firmer

Can you take it off the sides ( love handles) if you get a tummy tuck?