Are there any side effects of Liposuction? – Dr. Girish A C

The most common question in cosmetic surgery especially with the liposuction is they consist so of any side effects. So here I would like to say that it does not have any side effects with a proven efficacy. It means to say that it gives a permanent solution for the obesity done properly by an experienced cosmetic surgeon with a depth of knowledge so we can avoid some of the known side effects that can happen rarely. We need not worry about those side effects. Here they are worried about the side effects because it is a safe procedure. So there is no harm and surely there will be results contour wise as well as the weight loss. So they need not worry about the side effects. Even the scars are very minimal, a point dot scars, when we use the small cannulas of 2mm,3 mm, we use new technologies like power assisted liposuction. We think of high definition. So we need not worry about the side effects and it is permanent. So they are worried about the permanent result and the fat will not come back again wherever we attend them and they think that is there a possibility of shifting the fat from one region to the next region as we have done lipo here and they think that it can shift from one place or it can increase in other places. So all these are, myths and these are not facts wherever they do the liposuction they are going to get the permanent results and they are not going to get the side effects.