Before and after pictures of my tummy tuck, liposuction of thighs and hips, 5 weeks out!

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Hey all! I finally have the confidence to show my before and after pics! Don’t judge, I know the before is pretty haggard, but in my defense I did have one huge baby, 11 lbs! Stay tuned for more pics and videos and please subscribe!

19 thoughts on “Before and after pictures of my tummy tuck, liposuction of thighs and hips, 5 weeks out!

  1. Thanks girl for this inspiration!! I need a tummy tuck so bad after a 13 pound baby. I was so scared but after your pics I am so inspired!! Thanks again.

  2. I want to do this but not sure if Im done having kids…im 24 and have a 3 year old…is it still worth it?

  3. I am thinking about doing my tummy tuck . how much did you weight before the surgery if you don't mind me asking

  4. I am one week post op today, I'm32 with 4 kids and my stomach looked exactly like yours prior to tummy tuck. Feeling a little discouraged today bc I look so swollen round today. I see a huge difference especially from front but the swollen upper part of my belly looks bad. Did you feel that one week post op? When did you start to really like the way your belly looked?

  5. U look beautiful! I have the same exact body as ur before pic and I'm trying to look into tummy tuck but it's such a scary procedure. I have major anxiety issues also so I'm afraid that might interfere with my procedure n cause cardiac problems. ?

  6. im going to say you look amazing my tummy is just like yours iv had 5 kids and 3 cc I'm. going for tummy tuck in june 2017 any tips you could. give me would be grate ❤❤

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