CoolSculpting procedure on inner thighs – My Review

I’ve had coolsculpting before to my outer thighs (saddle bags) with great results. In this video I have the procedure done on my inner thighs so you get to see it in action. The video starts by talking to Amber at Hunter Plastic Surgery about the procedure and what exactly coolsculpting is and then you’ll get to see what happens throughout. At the end I give a basic vlog about the experience and how I was finding day 1.

If you have any more questions visit below and if you want to read more about my previous procedure and see photos head to

wow. like if you don’t look good already. Because being beautiful isn’t enough, you have to be a goddess! nice vid

omgggggggg you say “yah” so much! but thanks for making this video! i have the same problem area and i am really looking into getting cool sculpting!

How much usualy does cost Coolsculpting ?))
Totally depends on the area you have treated! But I think you’re looking at about 600-800 an area!