Dr Scott tries COOLSCULPTING at Clinic

Dr Scott underwent 3 treatments covering his lower abdomen and hips/love handles. We filmed every step of the process so that you can see exactly what happens during a CoolSculpting procedure. To see the final result, stay tuned for an upcoming update video!

i really appreciate that you showed an after segment with actual results

the massaging aftr procedure is extremely painful i just got it done today

CoolSculpting does not work on everyone. not all that is the same. to tell what kind of fat you have that will work with CoolSculpting is ask yourself this question: and use your fat jiggly or more solid and fibrous? CoolSculpting works predominantly well with jiggly fat. I’m letting you know ahead of time because the doctor saves me time and money because I have more fibrous fat they can only be removed at this time through diet and exercise. she did much of there was another procedure coming out to reduce visceral fat, so be on the lookout for a new procedure different from CoolSculpting

I’m so glad that I took the time to watch this video, it helps to know the facts from a doctor that went through the procedure!

I didn’t feel any pain, and had no bruises, but my aesthetician warn me it could happen. I just had my first session. I’m looking forward to see the results!