Fat Freezing – cryolipolysis – CoolSculpting at Rexfang Clinic

I booked an appointment with Rexfang in Singapore to test the fat freezing a.k.a coolSculpting. at the bottom of the post you can read about fat freezing and what it is about, I have shortened  the text.

I got there about 10 minutes before the appointed time and sagging wait, which is always appreciated! Did salon very cozy and it was centrally located, walking  distance from orchard MRT and lucky plaza bus stop the new buildings, which means that the facilities are modern and fresh. Painted in white with a little pink feel and exudes freshness. Rexfang myself I experienced as very pleasant and professional. Maybe not exactly the talkative type, which sometimes can actually be nice.

Treatment started when I got an information paper to read and sign. In addition to this was given very little information and I got self-respect. By the way, I’m kind of afraid of liposuction that’s why I decided to give this treatment a try.

She applied a protective cloth on the affected parts, in my case, one love handle, and the middle of the stomach. Keep in mind that the canvas was like that paper /plastic thing that is in the ground meat packs, the bright green and drenched in slime. Super cold which she warned me. This will protect your skin from frostbite.

Then attached handles and gave a vacuum massage. This feels! Not bad in that you want to scream, but it hurts. The skin is then completely cooled and you feel nothing.  One of rexfang’s nurse came in and looked at me periodically, creeping like that gently and just peered position without perceived as disturbing.

Massage afterward, and she says that fat it’s like lumps of ice that massaging apart: O I’ve since read that massage increases performance by up to 50%, the truth of this, I can not validate but be careful that your processor does this to be on the safe side. I prefer this treatment to liposuction because many people said that this is probably the best form of non invasive lipo that can be done non surgically to remove my unwanted fat, and also there is no downtime needed, and it’s safe which is my biggest consideration.

my photo

Before after – My much awaited result

Now 7 days, I started to see the results !!! My one love handles is visibly smaller and firmer than the other : D rexfang said that within 3 weeks so I am more than satisfied. I still have pain and has a bruise the size of about 15 * 8th The skin feels a little dumb and feeling slightly reduced, this will be transitory. but to say that the treatment is painless, does not then afterwards you will experience pain. I finished it all by taking a 40-minute walk, which was not something she said something about. She recommended to drink plenty of water. I thought myself that it might be good to keep the fat burning so this was then on its own initiative.

The positive:

  • cool, cozy clinic
  • No waiting

The negative:

  • No information about treatment will hurt afterward, and side effects such as pain, numbness, bruising, etc. It is also a bit awkward at times.
  • Expensive! (But this is not generally just rexfang clinic without regard for certain sites that perform this treatment)

Before and after photos and measurements will come when the next treatment is made, and a few weeks after this to give it a fair result. I recommend reading and

How about the cost of coolsculpting itself?

I bought a package price which is a deal/promo they had at the time and paid SGD 2500: – 2 treatments with 2 nozzles, In my opinion this treatment is expensive! But you should give it a try for at least your abdomen area; love handles, and muffin top. The cost of it is actually just a fraction of what liposuction will do. 🙂
Watch it on my inner thigh too:

All about this treatment – According Rexfang beauty’s website:

Developed by zeltiq aesthetics, fatfreezing/cryolipolysis is a scientifically proven method of permanent reduction of localized fat deposits that do not respond to adequate nutrition and training.

Fat Freezing can not replace traditional liposuction, but is an option for those with the right conditions are seeking a simpler treatment without pain and the need of recovery.

Fatfreezing with Coolshaping RS1 uses one or more handpieces which sucks in adipose tissue, cool down to minus 10 degrees and destroys fat cells. Fat cells are much more sensitive to cold and die by apoptosis, natural cell death, while all other tissue such as skin, nerve and muscle are not affected.

The crucial difference with other non-surgical methods is that the cells not only emptied of its contents, but dies and is cleared from the body over a period of a few weeks. The body’s own process continues long after it has undergone the treatment regimen. Final results can be seen after about 3-4 months.

A recommended course of treatment is 2-3 treatments with 4-5 weeks apart, and each treatment takes about 60 minutes. Coolshaping RS1 have 2 handsets, making it possible to treat the two areas simultaneously, which of course will save you time.