Laser Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck

Dr. Khalifeh discusses the choice between Laser Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck.

18 thoughts on “Laser Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck

  1. What are you talking about?? The muscle doesn't "divide" horizontally / transversally on the lateral abdomen, rather it dehisces in the middle laterally and away from the axial middle line (Diastasis Recti), you didnt even touch/explore the middle line! LOL are you really a plastic surgeon? You were just doing some kind of weird plicometry with your hand grabbing adipose tissue.

  2. My stomach was similar and I lost 15lbs and it came down dramatically. PPLE need to try be the thinnest they can be and then get stuff done. Just my opinion

  3. +Larva267 I totally agree with you larva! That symulast methodsclaims to helped me get rid of my cellulite.Plusit made my skin even more smoother and tighter.Wasnt frustrated purchasing this program. ;-]

  4. I guess shes not going to even try to lose weight first that belly looks hard as hell no flab like someone who has lost weight but needs a little help..come on people at least try first

  5. Wait a minute. Did he just grab her tit for no apparent reason in the beginning of this video? Here got a free feel…lol

  6. Blank Stare…..What was his point for making this video? I learned nothing but she has stomach fat from having 2 full term pregnancies. uh I think millions of us women could have diagnosed that ijs

  7. you said you are against this procedure…i appreciate ur honesty hence I think you are the right person to ask…I would like to know how much fat I can lose In one go is it possible to lose up to 4 kg if yes is it safe.

  8. I just want to do lipo…so scared to do a.full tummy tuck…afraid I may have to get full tummy tuck…idk yet trying to gain some sort of idea from these videos

  9. Well, in this video he finds time to talk about Laser Liposuctions vs tummy tuck. let me tell you that this doctor recommend me tummy tuck even before I had any kids and was 127 lbs, he is a monster that in my case didn't know what he is doing. He still performed liposuction on me when I did not need it, 1 year passed but I am still in a lot of pain, as he did liposuction on my bones.

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