Liposonix Ultrasound vs Cryolipolysis- Which One is the Best?

My Review
The support of non invasive fat removal procedures or body contouring takes an ever increasing place. Cellulite, moderate fat overload and relaxation are effectively treated by lasers and related technologies such as ultrasound, cryolipolysis and radiofrequency.
Many machines are offered and each has a specific indication.
Surgical techniques are now reserved for heavy surgical fat (if you need to see dramatic result)
The aging of the body is accompanied physiologically by a modification of the skin and deep planes with loss of elasticity, wrinkles, relaxation, the development of cellulite and localized fatty overloads.

High Intensity Focused ultrasound (HIFU)

Inspired by techniques to destroy calculations of the urinary tract, high intensity medical ultrasound is focused on the adipose area to be treated. Whatever the technique used, the principle consists in destroying the adipose cells and releasing the lipids which will then be eliminated by the liver. The technique is safe because it reproduces a physiological mechanism of lipid release by adipocytes as in a restrictive diet. Moderate horse panties and abdominal belt loops (love handles, small stomach) are indications of choice, while pregnancy and liver disease, uncontrolled hyperlipidemia, prosthetic material are contraindications.

Focused ultrasound causes cell elimination and therefore apoptosis (death) of adipocytes. There are two categories of high intensity focused ultrasound: ultrasound of high intensity, thermal effect (Liposonix) and ultrasound of lower intensity (Ultrashape) which act by vibratory phenomena – please look at my result here. The advantage of the former is to induce a firming of the skin at the same time as adipocyte lysis.
In practice, the number of sessions varies according to the importance of the fat overload of 1 to 3 sessions spaced apart by 15 days.
The fat overload should be moderate: in case of heavy overload, this does not replace the indication of surgical liposuction.
This is not the treatment of obesity.

Before after with liposonix

flanks and abdomen
flanks and abdomen


Cryolipolysis aka coolsculpting consists of causing inflammation of adipose tissue by cold (panniculitis in the cold) responsible for a melting of the adipose panniculus. Indeed, cold triggers the apoptosis (death) of the adipocytes without damaging the adjacent tissues. This technique is the result of research carried out following the ancient observation of thigh thinning observed in riders who practiced equitation in cold weather.

During the session, the temperature is lowered gradually by the handpiece positioned on the area to be treated and descends to -5 to -10 degrees according to the machines while protecting the skin; One feels a slight pain at the beginning of the session during the progressive aspiration of the skin and some bruises can appear in the following days which are resolved in a few days.

In one to three sessions of one hour, it is thus possible to decrease clearly the fatty bumps located under the navel, the love handles and the area under the buttocks. The results occur on average 2 to 3 months after the session (s). This treatment is for patients whose skin is toned; Cellulite and relaxation are not indications. The results are natural and the sessions can be repeated depending on the importance of fat overload.