Liposuction of a woman’s abdomen

HD video by, Dr Michael J Brown MD. This cosmetic plastic surgery video shows the liposuction of the abdomen on a woman.

20 thoughts on “Liposuction of a woman’s abdomen

  1. It is a totally different operation with different indications. A tummy tuck removes skin, fat and tightens muscles. So this will typically be a more dramatic result on the right patient. Lipo only treats fat and may tighten skin just a bit.

  2. I'm 27 and had a child but have tried so hard to lose the extra belly fat and have lost over 40lbs. Would you recommend lipo or tummy tuck? I do have some saggy skin on my lower abdomen.

  3. Most videos I have watched the ps let the tumescent solution sit about 30 minutes but you went right into suctioning why?

  4. you use Xylocain with Epi in the abdominal cavity? Aren't there vascular issus?

    Also why do you use fluid over say air as seen in laproscopic surgeries (ie Chollysysectomy)? 

  5. you are speaking about two completely different areas of the body. We are not IN the cavity.

  6. Why do you push the fat removing needles in so far, what if you hit the aorta or some organs

  7. The cannulaes are not inside the body. They are in the fat. So there are no internal organs in the fat.

  8. Is there a lot of leakage of the fluid once the Surgery is complete, and how long does it take for the the leaking to stop?

  9. There may be some leakage from the incision sites. Fluid was put in through these incisions and the fat and fluid is then removed from the same sites. Ideally there is little fluid that comes out, but it can be substantial based upon how much is put in and then removed. 

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